Meet The Board

Below are the Rotaract Westminster board members for 2017/2018. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Thomas Gasson


I currently serve as the President of the Rotaract club of Westminster. I originally hail from the midlands but grew up around the world (Belgium, the United States and the UK) and moved to London in early 2015. I work as a Consultant in Finance/Risk Management and spend far too much of my time fanatically following and playing sport (Cricket & Rugby). I particularly enjoy the opportunities Rotaract gives me to both volunteer and socialise with likeminded people from an amazing mix of countries! I hope to bring energy, drive and a pragmatic approach to the board to make our 2017/18 term the best it can be.

Kim Minkova

Vice President

I currently serve as the Vice President of Rotaract Club of Westminster. I am originally from Bulgaria but I moved to the UK in 2010 to study towards my law degree. Having graduated from the College of Law, London I am now working within the legal sector. I enjoy travelling as it always enables me to gain an insight into different cultures and has helped me broaden my horizons a lot. The reason I became part of the Rotaract family is because my father is a Rotarian himself. Being able to serve as the club’s Vice President is an opportunity, which I cherish a lot as it will give me the chance to give back to the community and to enhance my professional skills.

Iva Bartolovic



Patrick Seuwen


    I currently serve as the Treasurer of the Rotaract Club of Westminster. Originally from Germany, I moved to London in 2016 to pursue a Master’s degree in Management. For a long time, I have been involved with service organisations, and I am truly passionate about meeting likeminded people from all around the world. Being part of the club is a wonderful opportunity to giving back to the community and helping others in need, true to the motto ‘Service Above Self’. I very much look forward to collaborating with a fantastic group of people and to contributing to our club’s success throughout the upcoming Rotaract year.

Vera Arezzo

Partnerships Director

I am the Partnerships Director of Rotaract Club of Westminster for the 2017/18 Rotaract calendar year. I am Italian and I have studied in France and Denmark; I moved to UK 3 years ago and I work in marketing and communications. I am also a member of the Rotary in London Public Image Committee. What I most enjoy about being a Rotaractor is the global network that we represent and stand for. The most valuable skills I have learned in Rotaract are Initiative and Leadership; in Rotaract a good idea can easily being transformed into an opportunity for doing good if shared and shaped into a proposition. I joined Rotaract because I wanted to join a youth service organization that is present globally. I truly enjoy building and maintaining strong relations and my goal as the Partnership Director for this year will indeed be to realise a joint service project with an international Rotaract Club and to enlarge the network of Rotaract Club of Westminster. Service above Self to me means striving in doing good for the community and in contributing to make the world a better place.


Koray Alkan

IT Director

I serve as the current IT Director of the Rotaract Club of Westminster for the year 2017/2018. Originally from Turkey I moved to London in 2013 and currently working as a Software Developer in Financial Services industry. Passionate about technology, I look forward to enhancing our club’s technological infrastructure and making sure that our club benefits most by improving our communication and online presence.


Masoud Nili

Social Projects Director

I first joined rotaract to expand my network as well as giving back to the society which I believed to be my responsibility as part of it. I soon realised that there is much more to Rotaract than I could have imagined, from self development opportunities, guest speakers, volunteering opportunities and of course the wonderful international socialising events. What I personally enjoy the most being part of Rotaract is the self-development opportunities, guest speakers and their success stories and most importantly friendships that I have formed all over the world through this organisation. Being part of Rotaract helped me realise the power of networking and the fact that like minded people can achieve great things when they come together. In fact, I found the social events in R.E.M and EUCO to be the perfect opportunity to bring Rotaracters together and expand networks through socialising, and as the new Events Director of The International Rotaract Club of Westminster I plan to organise a few events to further enhance networking opportunities for our club and club members.


Romain Bourgier

Service Projects Director

I currently serve as the Projects Director of the Rotaract club of Westminster. Originally from France, I moved to London in 2016 after spending a year in Australia and I work as a Project Manager in Real Estate. What I enjoy most about Rotaract is being able to have a positive impact on the community. It is also a great pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with like minded people and spend my spare time in a meaningful way. I am passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures.


Amine Bouraba

PR & Media Director

    I currently serve as the PR and Media Director of Rotaract Club of Westminster. I am originally from Algeria, I moved to the UK in 2016 to study MBA. I joined the BBC February 2017 as a freelance analyst. My passion is to share positive energy and I enjoy attending all the rotaract European event. Being a board member of the most active roatarct club in the UK is a big opportunity, which will give me the chance to add more value to the society where I live.  

Nicole Douglas

Past President

I serve as the immediate Past President of the Rotaract Club of Westminster. Originally from the United States, I moved to London in 2014 and currently work in wealth management. What I enjoy most about Rotaract is contributing to the impact that the club's service projects and fundraising have on our community. I feel very fortunate to be collaborating with a fantastic group of individuals who are passionate about giving back and helping others. I look forward to continuing to contribute my professional experiences and a service-above-self approach to this club.